legal process improvements

What’s on the horizon for Legal Process Improvement?

Future vision

As this is a new blog, I’ll outline a bit of a schedule to let you know what to expect over the coming months.

What is Legal Process Improvement?  (Will be posted in the next couple of days)

  1. Why is Legal Process Improvement important now, more than ever before…. and what are the benefits of doing it?
  2. Some of the specific issues law firms are facing… and how to overcome them – A practical illustration?
  3. Process Improvement works in almost every other industry, what’s so different in Law Firms?
  4. A ‘how to guide’ to Legal Process Improvement?
  5. How can Legal Process Improvement improve my business model and my bottom-line?

As you’ll see, there’s a wealth of content coming over the next few months.  I’d suggest that you particularly don’t want to miss out on blog number 5!

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