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Law firms need to prioritise process improvement and automation to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. 
  • Tight client budgets raising expectations on law firms
  • Fixed fees or discounted fees are increasingly being requested, driven by competitive market pressures
  • Risk of burn-out of Partners and staff who are working ever harder to hit targets
  • The ‘war for talent’ is making it more difficult to attract, hire and retain talented people, and
  • Inflationary pressures driving up staff costs

Efficient and productive legal processes can help address all of these challenges and also help to ensure:

  • Happy clients – i.e. delivering desired outcomes within budget constraints
  • Happy staff – i.e. efficient processes and technology that enable us to work smarter rather than harder
  • Happy firm – i.e. a profitable and financially-stable firm that is able to grow and prosper

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Meet the team

Darren Mee

Darren has been improving processes and thus performance in businesses for 20 years and knows what world-class service processes look like. Over 15 of those years have been helping law firms specifically, including both legal service processes and back-office support processes and is considered an industry expert. He has worked with many of the top 200 firms in the UK as well as some of the largest global firms and even some of the disruptive new entrants to the market. Darren is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has an MBA from a leading global Business School, where he was the “top dean” in his year.

James Markham

James has over a decade of experience in improving legal processes within law firms such as DLA Piper and Hogan Lovells. With a particular focus on improving profit and cashflow for law firms, James has delivered significant commercial benefits within both legal service delivery and business services for law firms of all shapes and sizes. He holds an MBA, is a Chartered Management Consultant (MCMI ChMC) and Accountant (ACA); and is a certified practitioner for Lean Six Sigma (LSSGB) and Design Thinking.

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